Uniform Policy


A uniform dress code reinforces in students a pride in their own appearance, instils recognition of themselves as an integral part of the school community, and assists in developing pride in representing their school.

Our school uniform not only provides a sense of belonging and pride of association in students at Infant Jesus School, but also promotes the safety and security of students by allowing for the ready identification of students as belonging to our school. Equality is fostered through this Uniform Policy, common to all students.



The Uniform Policy operates within the guidelines determined by Catholic Education WA in the Handbook for Catholic Schools.

At Infant Jesus School the expectation of students (Years One to Six) to wear a uniform is provided for in the contract between parent and school at the time of enrolment.

Pre-Primary students will wear a modified version of the Full School Uniform which will only include a ‘Sport Uniform’.

In cases of genuine financial hardship parents / carers may apply for assistance with the supply of a uniform.

Should an unusual situation occur when a child is temporarily unable to wear a uniform / or part of one, a note from a parent / carer must accompany the child.

Decisions about changes to the school uniform, rest with the Principal.

The Infant Jesus School Uniform will be only be available through a designated supplier – One World Uniforms (2022)



Our uniform is a sign of our community and all children, and parents, in Year 1 to 6 are expected to support it.

As a result, the follow guidelines must be adhered to;

Summer uniform is worn in Terms One and Four, winter uniform in Terms Two and Three. Children are to wear the school sports uniform on the day they have Physical Education or sport (Determined by Class teacher)

At all times, children are expected to be well presented in their uniform. Uniforms are to be clean, pressed and in good condition. Shoes are to be well-polished and white sport shoes kept clean.

Students are expected to take pride in their personal appearance and to be neatly attired. Shirts to be tucked in, top button done up, shorts and skirts are to be worn sitting on the waist. Uniform dresses and skirts are to be worn at or below knee length. Each student is expected to be properly attired in full school uniform whilst at the school, travelling to and from school and when representing the school at external functions and events.

It is compulsory to wear the School Hat (navy/reversible) while participating in Physical Education classes and other outdoor lessons.

For health reasons, when a child’s hair is of collar length or longer, it must be tied back off the face. The following regulations also apply to hair; Hair to be tied back with plain navy blue or white hair elastics, ribbons, scrunchies (to match summer dress or winter tartan skirt/pinafore) or headbands. The school colours of navy and white should be used when using ribbons or other hair accessories and must not be too large. Elastics, bobby pins and side clips may be black. Children’s haircuts need to be conservative and appropriate to uniform expectations. Radical haircuts and colour are no acceptable. This includes gel/waxed hair, spiked hair and any hair style that would be considered radical. The Principal reserves the right to decide the acceptability of hairstyles at Infant Jesus School.

It is recommended that no jewellery be worn at school for safety and security reasons. A wristwatch, a cross or Christian medal are acceptable. Only one pair of plain sleepers or studs is permitted.

Makeup and nail polish are not to be worn.

Parents/carers and staff are expected to monitor and maintain the correct wearing of the school uniform and insist on the maintenance of high standards of personal presentation.

The school follows the Cancer Foundation’s recommendations that the school hat must be worn all year-round during recess, lunch time and outdoor activities.